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Studies have revealed that mobile sports betting is at the forefront of fuelling the online sports betting industry’s growth. Many punters enjoy the convenience offered by mobile betting apps.

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Even though mobile sports betting seems to have hit its peak, there is still room for growth. This piece gives you a glimpse into the future of mobile sports betting.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Help Improve User Experience

The mobile sports betting operators will use AI to improve the overall user experience. The sportsbooks operators will use big data systems to capture large amounts of data. Some of the data they’ll capture include betting history, transactional records, sports’ events preferred, and betting style

The betting company operators will put Artificial Intelligence systems in place that will make sense of all the data they collect. The system will also learn user behavior, predict when to intervene, and offer guidance when a punter is looking for help. If you are a punter on the Betway app, you should expect to receive more personalized services based on your betting history. 

There’ll Be Continued Adoption of the Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain technology is tipped to play a significant role in shaping the future of mobile sports betting. With the technology, transactions between punters and sportsbooks will become simpler, faster, and more transparent. These advantages will be made possible by eliminating third parties such as banks sitting in between the two parties.

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Whether you are depositing money to your sportsbook account or the sportsbook is depositing your winnings to your account, all the transactions will be swift and efficient. Furthermore, there is no room for fraud. 

The Blockchain technology secures the punter by ensuring that no sportsbook can withhold your winnings or lock you out when you hit the jackpot. This technology will enable mobile casino operators to win the trust of punters who were initially skeptical about placing their bets on online platforms. 

More Jurisdictions Will Become Friendly To Mobile Betting Operators

In the future, mobile sports betting companies will reach out to more countries. Many countries are attracted to the revenue they can collect in taxes if they allow the mobile sportsbooks to operate in their territory.

As a result, you should expect to see Betway spread to many more countries around the world.

For instance, in the USA, more states are passing regulations that allow online sports betting to take place. This is a positive sign for the sports betting companies. 

Bottom Line

The future of mobile sports betting lies with technology and legislation. On the legislation part, there isn’t much that the sportsbook operators can do. However, on the part of the technological innovations, the betting companies can invest in research on technologies that directly affect them, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analytics. The only sportsbooks that’ll survive in the future are those that incorporate technological innovations into their platforms. 

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