adu safowaah and mona gucci

has replied Adu Safowaah a day after she took to her Instagram handle to rain unprintable words on her personality.

In a lengthy Instagram post yesterday, Adu Safowaah claims Mona Gucci takes home a monthly salary of GHS800 as a presenter at Kantanka TV.

Adu also claims Mona Gucci has a smelling private parts, among other things.


Below is a screenshot of what she posted:


Well, Mona Gucci is her response has done so subtly.

In her reply, Mona advised that a woman who writes and speaks good English is a total turn-on for a man.

“A woman who writes and speaks good ENGLISH is a total turn on….for a MAN..”, she wrote.

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Now when you look at Adu Safowaah’s Instagram post yesterday, you can see that it was full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Is Mona trying to mock Safowaah that she doesn’t know how to write good English?


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