A Twitter user with the name @seyishae has made a resounding declaration as to what she can withstand so long as she loves her man.

Aunty Funmi maintained that true love is valuable than gold and diamonds. Her assertion has generated a lot of attention and mixed reactions.


However, our checks show that Aunty Funmi is a rich lady who owns the latest iPhone. It is quite surprising how she said she is ready to drink gari and groundnut if that is what can sustain her for the moment for the love.

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She added that as long as there is love, she is ready to go any mile to see her relationship work.


She wrote:

Tbh, I’m one of the very few ladies out there who don’t like money. Money isn’t the way to my heart. True love is enough for me. I don’t mind, I can drink Garri and groundnut with you as long as you love me. True love is worth more than a flashy lifestyle, gold or diamonds.

See Screenshot Below:

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