Have you ever given yourself a birthday gift even 2 months after celebrating your birthday?, well Rich men does and will surely do same.

The Rapper flaunts his new addition to an already choked collection of cars, a Chevrolet Tahoe worth over $60,000 according to our checks. He reveals it has always been his desire to purchase the car because of it’s size and ability to accommodate his family or music crews during a trip.

“Always wanted to cop the Chevy @chevrolet Tahoe Truck cos of how huge it is and takes 8 peeps. Road trip steez with the gang and family ! Finally did. Late birthday present to myself . 🥶 Say hi to my new baby guys.” He wrote

img 5160
D-Black in a pose with his new car

D-Black celebrated his birthday on 12th January, tomorrow 12th March will make it exactly two months.

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