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A shocking news emanating from Delta State, Nigeria indicates that money used in buying bags of rice from a shop turned into paper soon after the buyers left the shop.

The event took place in Ogwashi-Uku area of Delta State, Nigeria.

An eyewitness who shared the video alleged that the buyer who left in a Sienna SUV, paid over N400,000 (GHS6,079.76) in cash for the 20 bags of rice he bought.

The money however, allegedly turned into paper after he left.

Watch the video below:

Some social media users in sharing their opinion said that may be the money didn’t change into paper but rather, the people who came to buy outsmarted the vendors.

This was a narration given by one Instagram user: “The money didn’t turn to paper,the lady in question is a co wife.

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The guys came to buy rice which they agreed on a certain amount, they brought out Money and gave her she and her daughter counted the money and it wasn’t complete the under paid 4k the lady refused, they collect the money wrapped in black nylon and entered the car,then the lady called them back to come and buy then the made the switch with the paper wrapped nylon.

The lady didn’t check again, they loaded the rice and left she gave the nylon bag to her daughter to go and pay in to the bank that was when they discovered it was paper. It will never be well with them,this lady is struggling to eat💔

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