Medical practitioner, Joy Austin, who prides herself as a Non-denominational believer in the finished work of Our Lord Jesus Christ has thrown a jab at over-enthusiastic Christians who seem to forget about using their common sense.

In a Facebook post, Austin said she has been one of the people who keep preaching that we as humans need more hospitals than churches.

And that Churches instead of making their worship centres big should rather use those resources to build hospitals. But whenever she says this, people do look at her as a devil incarnate.

Now with the outbreak of Coronavirus, churches have been closed down. However, hospitals are still open to welcome people who are sick, even those infected by the deadly virus.

So in a series of Facebook posts, Joy Austin once again wants to remind Christians on the need for more hospitals to be built than expanding our churches every day.

“We said your pastors should build hospitals instead of cathedrals, you called us antichrist. Now your cathedrals all closed, hospitals are still open.”, she wrote in one post.

“We need more hospitals than churches in Africa. Convert some of those churches to hospitals, schools and homeless shelters if God really called you.”, she added.

Joy Austin Joy Austin