Ghanaian rapper and ‘Pull Him Down‘ star, Edem, has made a shocking revelation by disclosing that most Ghanaian artist are into Sakawa.

According to Edem, the Ghana music industry does not pay as much and hence to be able to live a lavish lifestyle, one would have to make good use of his or her ‘gaming’ skills.

In an interview with DJ Reuben on Luv FM’s Drive Time segment on yesterday, February 22, 2019, Edem revealed that the flashy lifestyle of some artist are not linked to the shows and royalties alone but rather ‘Sakawa’ otherwise known as ‘fraud’ or ‘game’.

Although Edem failed to mention names of such artists, one would automatically know the ones involved in the act judging from their extravagant lifestyles.

In a recent post by Shatta Wale on Twitter, he revealed that when the going gets tough; he will resort to ‘cafe’ which literally means ‘Sakawa’ or ‘fraud’ to bounce back.