Most of the trendy hairstyles and clothes we see come from ‘maame wata’ – Evangelist Kasawale


Former actress, Cinderella Koffie AKA Evangelist Kasawale has disclosed that most of the trendy hairstyles and fashion come from the spiritual world.

Speaking to DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Kasawale indicated that her ex-boyfriend introduced her to some spirits that he worked with. Eventually, she became acquainted with the spirits.

“He told me three months into the relationship that he works with 77 spirits but he told me not to be scared and that he works with them. They gave me a ring and I could call them whenever I needed them. He told me that they would not harm me so I should with him. He liked me very much, that’s why he told me about the spirits,” she recounted.

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The beautician added that as a result, “the spirits demonstrated some hairstyles for me to do for clients. They always brought many customers to me. So most of the trendy hairstyles and other stuff come from ‘maame wata’.

Kindly watch the full interview below;


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