Most of us ain’t scared of Death, we just do not want to die young or unprepared


    As someone will say, Death is inevitable or there two things that are constant in life, change, and death.

    As humans, we consciously or unconsciously worry about our death…when we will be forgotten, buried and covered forever.

    One fact about death is that after you die, even if the Earth survives for another billion years, you still be forgotten and you won’t be here again.

    An interesting twist to this death phenomenon is that Death is actually a story of how we lived and Life is actually a story of how we died.

    The thing that makes the thought of it scary is when we think it will take our loved ones away. Many, actually, fear the news of the death of their loved ones than that of themselves.

    We tend to anticipate how life will be after we have spent our last minute and given out our final breath. Most people cannot bring themselves to think of how they will feel, react or accept it when Death lays its icy hands on them.

    Thanatophobia is a form of anxiety characterized by a fear of one’s own death or the process of dying. It is commonly referred to as death anxiety. Death anxiety is not defined as a distinct disorder, but it may be linked to other depression or anxiety disorders.

    Not all of us have the excess level of Thanatophobia but every now and again, nature subtly reminds us of our death. Every day of our lives is a step towards our final day of departure.

    The reasons why death will not be of good benefit to you is perhaps, you died younger than you should or death came when you weren’t prepared.

    As we live our lives, let us be reminded of the uncertainty with the arrival of Death. When we hear of the passing away of people, let us not think it is far away from us.

    Lead a good life, stay out of trouble and do your best to help humanity. Your life should have a meaning and when you are dead and gone, your legacy should speak loud and remind others of your existence and relevance.

    The young shall die and the old will also pass away but if your fear is either you will die young or you will die unprepared, remember that when the time is due, Death will come uninvited.

    There are somethings that shortcircuit our lives and can send us to our early graves. These things are not orchestrated by God or nature…they are as a result of our choices, habits and poor judgments.

    Flee and shun anything that will give you pleasure today but draws you closer to death. The believers believe in life after death when they will either qualify for Heaven or be condemned to Hell.

    Don’t be afraid of death but be ready for it anytime it calls. Lead a good life devoid of strife, envy, haughtiness, bloodshed, smoking, drinking, eating junk foods, reckless driving and going on a foolish adventure.

    Also, you can tie your life to the apron strings of God Almighty. He has a way of giving us life and more abundantly.

    But after all, is said and done, you’ll one day die. Never forget that, and live your life carefully, taking into accounts all that you need to do now…do not procrastinate.

    Love all those you need to loved and forgive all those you need to be forgiven. Let go of all the hard feelings and prepare judiciously for your departure.

    God Grant Us Grace As We Journey Through This Life To Our Final Home!




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