Most women are not ready for the right men, they want someone who can pay for the marriage – Reno Omokri


    Reno Omokri has taken to his Twitter account to pen down his opinion on the reason why most women remain unmarried.

    According to him, it is not because this set of women cannot find the right man, but rather because most of them cannot find a rich man to pay for their fantasy wedding, which they rated more important than the marriage itself.

    He wrote:

    “Many women are unmarried, not because they can’t find the right man, but because they can’t find a man rich enough to pay for the wedding that they and their family are too poor to afford, yet want to have, because their neighbor had a big wedding”
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      • it’s quite unfortunate dat most women have this attitude of always whated to get married to a wealthy man with out considering some fact about d attitude of the man even when it’s not wrong getting married to a wealthy man but to an extent ladies why not stick to that nice good
        looking man that is hurting for your hand in marriage and help him in partner to make things work out as any one on Earth desired. stop looking for ready-made that may not last long.pls ! women save dis our great country d stress.


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