Mother of the boy who was killed by 2 teenagers for money rituals speaks

Hajia Maame, the mother of 10-year-old Ismael who was killed by 2 teenagers for money rituals have finally spoken.

The father, according to Ishmael’s mother had travelled and had not been able to visit them for some time.

The mother said Ishmael and his sister normally attend Islamic lessons on Saturdays but decided not to attend on the said day because his father came around since he doesn’t stay with them.

So on Saturday he was home all day spending time with his father.

Hajia Maame said as the day progress, she together with the father entered the room to rest while Ishmael was also in the hall playing game on his laptop.

So while resting, sleep took over her.

She said in the middle of her sleep, Ishmael’s sister rushed in to inform her that he had been killed.

She then replied that it can’t be possible because Ishmael was playing game on his laptop when she slept off.

But alarmed by the news, she went out to verify only to realise that it is indeed true that her son was murdered.

The mother of the boy who was in tears throughout the conversation said:

“They (Ismael and his sister) go to Islamic school on Saturdays, but he was home because his father had returned from a trip. He was playing a game outside on his laptop while I was taking a nap,” she said.

“His sister came to me to tell me his brother had been killed. The police were informed and they came to the scene. My son has wrong no one,” she added.

Watch the video below:

The two boys who killed the boy has also spoken on how everything happened.


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