Mummy G O, was captured in the viral video jamming to a Reggae track.

Mummy G O tweaking video

Nigerian prophetess, popularly known as Mummy G O,  took a break from preaching to perform a hot twerk, she chased the Holy Spirit out of her church.

The famous prophetess,  was seen in a video, jamming to a Reggae music to the delight of her congregation.
She went into animal position – standing on both hands and knees – and shook her buttocks aggressively to the beat when the song’s rhythm hit her.
As she twerked for a few seconds, all eyes were on her.

The congregation’s jubilation filled the auditorium as they saw their prophetess in her true form, but Mummy G O’s colleagues reacted with disgust.

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Mummy G O has been chastised by netizens for her double standards, as she is recognized for defining categories of people who would not make it to Heaven.

Mummy G O had once preached that persons with large foreheads, those who wear lipsticks and fragrances, and women who wore trousers were all exempt from the Heavenly race.
According to her preaching, many people would face hardships on their way to Heaven, while others will be barred from being born.

Watch video of the twerk below:


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