My boyfriend got deported from the UK & I followed him to Ghana

Popular Ghanaian Youtuber Wode Maya has interviewed a couple from the UK who have now settled in Ghana and are looking forward to making here their home.

According to the lady known on her social media handles as Miss Cameroon, her boyfriend got deported in the UK after he spent 2 and a few months in prison.

He was deported to Italy since that is his place of birth.

However, he decided to move to Africa-Ghana and the lady who’s so madly in love with the guy has also come down here.

Miss Cameroon revealed that she’s living the best of her life in Ghana as the cost of living is far lower than it is in the UK and US.

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She also noted that she’s into fashion and was doing well in the UK but she has sacrificed that for the sake of love but she has plans underway to start from scratch down here and she she’ll make it although there are a lot of hitches.

She said many people including friends and told her that she was making a grave mistake by all that she has built behind just to follow a man to a foreign land. But looking back, she does not regret a bit for making such a decision.

the heartfelt interview below:


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