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My dear Ghanaian men we’ve passed the stage of you people asking childish questions – Lady

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A lady identified as ‎Abena Mavis has vented out her anger on the kind of childish questions some Ghanaian men ask via Inbox.

Speaking her mind in a popular Ghanaian Facebook group, Abena wrote:

My dear Ghanaian men

We have pass the age of
– “Tell me more about yourself “.
– “Have you eaten today “?.
– “What is your name” (fu*cking check her username Abena ).

We will keep ignoring your DM’s if you can’t keep sensible conversation. Wooow us with your lines please .”

A lot of ladies agreed with her saying that these questions from some men is simply annoying.

Some men in the group weren’t happy at all.

One wrote: “Reasons why most of u re still single”.

Another added:

Posts like this provoke too much. U will call a so called lady and she will be on the phone for minutes expecting you the guy to do all the talking and whatever you bring out she calls it “nonsensical convince”.

Make I ask ooooo, are we the only creatures created with brains or does it mean ladies have nothing sensible to talk about?

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Another guy added:

A typical Ghanaian lady will come say hello in your inbox, and when you respond with a hello, she freezes and doesn’t even know what to say next.

Guys are forced to ask “silly” questions because you can’t even hold intelligent conversations yourself.

And you think ignoring dms makes you some super star. Ah well, some thirsty ass niggas will make you feel important by forcing themselves on you, as for some of us, we zanku for your head top koraa 😂”


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