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My fight with Moesha was unnecessary, I regret it – Salma Mumin

Actress Salma Mumin has said that she regrets the social media brawl that ensued between herself and fellow actress Moesha Buduong.

Speaking to Mzgee in an interview on TV3, Salma added that she wasn’t expecting the public to take everything that was happening seriously.

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She stressed that people must not take the posts of celebrities on Social Media seriously. Salma showed remorse and added that she wished she could turn the hand of time to correct the wrongs.

Salma Mumin and Moesha Buodoung were very good friends until recently when they started to go at each other on social media for reasons known to them alone. They used unprintable words on each other and descended into the gutters.

Calm between the two has since been restored by these two actresses continue to be at loggerheads with each other.

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She said these words to Mzgee:

” I wish I could turn the hands of time with what happened between us. But it happened and what has happened has already happened. It’s just social media, that was nothing really serious.” Salma insisted

“To me, it wasn’t serious but when I look around, I realized a lot of people took it seriously and I’m okay with that, my life is all about me and all that matters is what I think about and how I feel,” she said.

”Social media is just social media. I have a private life which is very serious. What I do on social media is just the joking and unserious part of my life. So it doesn’t affect anything.” She stated.


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