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A man has on the basis of anonymity complained to relationship counsellor about how his girlfriend spends too much time at church.

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My gf does over service in church and I don’t like it
Gd afternoon bro, how ur side ?


Please keep me anonymous. Today is Wednesday mid week service and I will face this again I have an issue with gf and church She is a member of almost every department and she doesn’t know how to say No to people.

It is annoying to me. I don’t mind it but she gets to church at like 2 hours before service and leaves 2 -4 hour after service She will be playing games of who will make heaven and who will go to hell fire. I think she is losing her mind with it.

She borrows people money anyhow too and they don’t pay her back. The reason I am here, I like her a lot and I don’t want it break up.

What can I do to make her reduce the hours she spends in church ? It’s getting too much. Please help

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