sidechick with benefits

Relationship counselor, Uncle Joro, has got a message from a confused follower of his who wants help in what decision to take pertaining to her marriage.

Apparently, the woman caught her husband cheating with another lady.

However, after confronting him, she has found out with proof that this lady gives her husband ‘big time’ business opportunity of which she as the wife also enjoys from.

So she’s confused as to if she should ask her husband to stop dating the lady or allow them to continue getting entangled for more money.

Read her full message below:

Am I a fool ?? My husband side chick gives him business plug

Good p.m Joro.. ( anonymous) I am so confused atm, I don’t want to tell anyone or bring my matter to my family. You know how family can be. That’s why I’m here and I want to remain anonymous.

My husband has been dating this girl, she’s a corper in abuja. She works for a government parastatal here too.

She is also having affair with with her Boss but she likes my husband. Here is the matter, Last year I found out that my husband and this girl were cheating and having an affair together.

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I confronted my husband and he begged and apologized, this year again I saw his pics on his iPad. He told me that she gives him connect for contract to make money and he showed me all the proofs. I won’t lie my mind came down, the money was not small.

this year has been tough and she give my husband his main jobs and my husband gives her her own share. My husband confessed they have sex 2 times this year.

My husband gives me good money. Please I want to ask , should I demand he end this relationship or he continues because he is making good money from her relationship. I am confused. Other side chicks takes takes but this one is giving my husband connect and money. I am confused

sidechick with benefits sidechick with benefits

What will you advice this woman to do? Let us know in the comment box below!!!

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