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My ‘Megye’ song is the biggest hit song in Ghana now – Archipalago


Archipalago’s first ever song, ‘Megye‘, is receiving a whole lot of negative reviews after its release about a week ago.

But the social media influencer won’t listen to what haters have to say. The song currently have more ‘Dislikes’ to ‘Likes‘ after it was uploaded on Youtube.

Well, just when we’re all mocking Archipalago and calling his song a whack one, he’s also saying the song is the biggest and hottest song right now in Ghana.

In a Youtube Vlog, Archipalago boasted that with how far the song has gone, he’s planning to do a remix with one top Ghanaian musician. Talk of Sarkodie, EL and the rest.

So they should contact him for plans on the remix.

Watch video below:

Meanwhile, it was reported that Business mogul Bola Ray wants to sign Archipalago unto his record label.

Watch video:


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