Nadia Buari’s father blasted a radio host for asking him if Nadia was his biological or adopted daughter.

Alhaji Sidiku Buari, the father of Nadia Buari, blasted Halifax Addo host of Best Entertainment on Okay FM when he wanted to inquire whether Nadia Buari is his biological daughter.

Although Halifax Addo explained to Nadia’s father that his question was aimed at clearing the notion viral out there that he isn’t the father of the actress, Alhaji Sidiku Buari went ‘wild’.

As a mature man, Alhaji Sidiku Buari explained to Halifax that his question was needless at that time. He added that the media sometimes tries hard to create feuds between families with their questions.

After Halifax pressed on to inquire from the one who aided Alhaji Sidiku to appear on his show whether she made the respected man aware of the agenda, peace prevailed.

Alhaji Sidiku answered and said ‘yes’ Nadia is his true biological daughter.

A few socialites reacting to the video wrote:

“We have somehow devalued our culture, respect and boundaries. Not every question needs to be asked or answered. Alhaji is right in saying it can cause confusion in his family as perhaps the kids can gang up and attack Nadia or treat her differently. Ghana media needs strong measures”

“That is what they do this days is like they have nothing better to discuss”

“Weldone chief no it is his chemical daughter ofunu media”

“What do they teach at media schools in Ghana tho it a waste of time since the end results are all about negativity”

“What’s wrong with the question he asked ? It’s just a yes and no question? Why should he even be offended in the first place ? He came for an interview which included him being interviewed about his family so I don’t see anything wrong with the question ? Emotional commentators”

“why must you interfere in someone’s family and even makes it public are you ok? is the media there to bring divisions to people’s family very disappointing Halifax”

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