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“NAM1 who is described by the state as a scammer is even free and doing Instagram post” Bridget Otoo on Akuapem Poloo’s case.

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Ghanaian journalist Bridget Otoo has thrown her support for Akuapem Poloo after being convicted by the court.

It was all over social media platforms earlier today that a Ghanaian socialite Rosemond Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Poloo has been convicted by the Accra circuit court after so many months of dragging her case back and forth.

Her offence was abusing her son with her nakedness when the little boy was celebrating his 7th birthday in the year 2020.

Netizens and most Ghanaian celebrities has reacted to the news as some of them stood against the action taken by the court.

According to Bridget Otoo, Akuapem Poloo should be freed or either fined rather than being convicted which may lead her to jail.

She referred to the case of NAM1 being free after rendering thousands of people jobless.

NAM1 is still free and doing Instagram post. A man whose actions has killed people, rendered thousands jobless and some are at the point of suicide” She added.

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