Nana Aba Anamoah blasts UK Media house for saying Thomas Partey comes from a poor country

Nana Aba Anamoah and Thomas Partey

It’s no more news that Thomas Partey has left Atlético Madrid to Arsenal FC in a 45 Million pounds deal.

Media houses all over the world have been running publications on his mouth-watering move — and one of those media outlets is popular sports website, THE SUN — based in UK.

In one of their articles that captures the life of the Black stars player, they described Thomas Partey as someone who has become rich after his “poverty-stricken existence in Ghana”.

So are they trying to tell us that Ghana is a country stroke by unredeemable poverty?

Well, this publication from THE SUN has angered top Ghanaian Journalist, Nana Aba Anamoah. In a rebuttal via her social media handles, she called out the media to do better — she labelled them as ‘shameless eejits’

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“The pain is very deep in that headline. You just hate to see foreigners come in at a high cost. You’re shameless eejits @thesunfootball”, she wrote.

Take a look at the screenshot below:

nana aba-the sun

After her post, social media have agreed with Nana Aba that the UK media are always found of carrying out racist reportages.

One Sepha Gyasi Daniel wrote: Typical of British Media….these guys are always fueling the on going racist attacks in the world…..too much hatred for black prospects…..and the sad part is the over hyping of their shambolic home grown players….what didn’t the day about lord Lingard…now look at us….

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Pato Kofi also added: “No one needs a reminder of what his past financial status was. Total nonsense to make such a statement. His immediate past is life in Spain. Talk about that. Aren’t people poor beyond imagination in the UK? Would they be addressed this way? Nonsense!”

Sam Uel said he won’t blame them because we Africans have ourselves to blame: I won’t blame them but ourselves Africans. Whenever they interview any celebrity or a star from Africa all they say is that, I am from a poor background, I couldn’t do this and that, poverty mentality s))).

Let’s be serious what do you expect them to report.”

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Abdulrazak Abass also added his voice: “But now Thomas is even more richer than the stupid writer of this gibberish.

Some Top Brazilian players come from a very poor home than that of African decent players.

Racism is indeed disrespect to humanity.


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