Former President has labelled Nana Addo’s Government as one that doesn’t think or plan ahead of time before doing anything.

Mahama noted that this showed clearly during their food distributions when the lockdown was imposed.

He said while speaking to his digital friends and followers that: “It is important to note that Government’s humanitarian intervention to alleviate the unintended but predictable consequences of the lockdown were an abysmal failure.


The distribution of food was chaotic and disorderly and in some cases partisan. It flouted all protocols of social distancing and prevention of spread of the virus.

Definitely no careful planning went into the implementation of this initiative as is characteristic of this administration”.

Mahama pointed out that the Government could have taken his advice when he said they should involve the CSOs, Chiefs and other stakeholders in the food distribution but refused to listen to him. Mahama said if they had taken his advice, at least social distancing regulations would have been observed and all other problems limited if not prevented.

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To him, the government’s failure with the intervention left many Ghanaians just two choices to either stay home and die of hunger or come out and take their chances with COVID-19.

“Many Ghanaians were faced with two choices. Either to stay at home and die of hunger, or come out and take their chance against the deadly virus. Faced with this choice, they opted for the latter.”

The flagbearer said the jubilation across the various places where there was lockdown after it was lifted by the President is an indication that the government’s initiative of distributing food packs on the streets failed woefully.

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“I therefore can understand and empathise with the spots of jubilation that greeted the announcement. With a budget in excess of GH¢1.2 billion, we could have handled this mitigation effort much better than we did. Examples from some of our fellow African countries including Togo, Cote D’Ivoire and Rwanda demonstrate how an extended period of lockdown, can be supported by a well-coordinated, enhanced and effective social mitigation programme”.

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