nana ama mcbrown and daughter

Actress Nana Ama McBrown has threatened that she’ll shut down any school that will allow any teacher to lay a finger on her daughter, Maxin Mawushi Mensah.

Speaking on Kingdom FM, the UTV Host recounted the pain and mockery she went through to get a child so she won’t allow any teacher to lay a finger on her child.

She noted that she’ll make sure any school that allows this would be shut down.

She said “My daughter is my testimony and I won’t allow anyone to lay a finger on her. She is everything to me. Let any teacher spank her for whatever reason and they will know the real meaning of motherhood.”

The 47-year-old screen goddess disclosed that, she took injections, pills and kinds of painful medications because she wanted a child.

So she won’t allow any one to inflict pain on what she suffered.

“When I didn’t have a child, people mocked me that I haven’t achieved anything in life despite my fame and wealth just because I didn’t have a child”.

“The number of criticisms I had to face from people was overwhelming. It got to a time I almost gave up because I had taken so much concoctions and injections which didn’t work so I was heartbroken.” She added.


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