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Nana Appiah Mensah Replies Bridget Otoo After She Questioned Why He Was Walking Around A Free Man

When news popped up yesterday that was convicted by court and was about to be sentenced after she undergoes a pregnancy test, got pissed off.

In a tweet, she said the likes of who are scammers are walking free and posting on social media so why should Akuapem Poloo be convicted over a minor crime.

She tweeted:


“NAM1 is still free and doing Instagram post. A man described by the state as a scammer.
A man whose actions has killed people, rendered thousands jobless and some are at the point of suicide!

He’s free cos he’s connected! #AkuapemPoloo”

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Hours after her tweet, NAM 1 has come out to reply.

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In a tweet, he said people should stop misleading the public about him.

He argued that even when he was convicted in Dubai — a foreign land, he was acquitted and discharged because of his innocence.

He added that in , he pleaded not guilty, and he’s still going to court.

“Stop Misleading the public. Even on a foreign land i was acquitted and discharged, a decision that was affirmed by the Appeals Court and the Supreme Court. FYI: my granny wasn’t the presiding judge. Back home, I pleaded NOT GUILTY and I’m having my day in Court.”, NAM 1 fumed.

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