Yesterday 10th June 2020, an audiotape went viral that captures the voice of Accra FM presenter Nana Romeo demanding sex from a lady before he can give a loan to him.

Apparently, Nana Romeo has been interested in the lady for quite a long time but she has been refusing his advances.

But the lady fell into a problem and needed quick cash to solve it so she went to Nana Romeo for a loan and he said he’ll give it to her provided she gives him sex.

Since the audio was a mere recording with no solid proof, we couldn’t conclude if it was the real voice of Nana Romeo.

Well, Romeo has come out to speak on the audiotape.

In a new video that is fast trending on social media, the controversial presenter indirectly confirmed that he was the one in the audio.

He didn’t admit or deny but he said “whatever happened is all part of life” going a long way to confirm that he was the one.

Listen to him below: