NDC constituency chairman sacks wife for having an affair with NPP parliamentary aspirant

The Constituency Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) in the Assin constituency has sent his wife packing for allegedly sleeping with the ruling New Patriotic Party’s(NPP’s) parliamentary aspirant one Mr. Amankwaa Blay.

This was disclosed by a calling itself Concerned Patriots of the New Patriotic Party in Assin who have called for the disqualification of the said Parliamentary aspirant for bringing the name of the NPP into disrepute.

“It is all over Assin Praso and the entire constituency that Mr. Amankwaa Blay has allegedly had a sexual affair with the wife of the current NDC constituency chairman Mr Felix of AssinPraso and due to that He The NDC chairman has sent the wife away” the petition sighted by MyNewsGH.com copied to Regional and National executives of NPP read.

Signed jointly by its five leaders led by Nana Gekye who is president, the argued that it will be “disastrous” for the NPP to Mr. Amankwaa Blay as a candidate in the elections.

Read the full petition below


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Dear Sir,


We the concerned youth of Assin Constituency humbly and respectfully write to petition to your highest office against the candidature of Mr Amankwa Blay; who is contesting as an aspirant in the upcoming parliamentary primaries.

We believe Mr. Amankwaa Blay CANNOT contest in this primaries due to the following reasons: 1: It is all over Assin Praso and the entire constituency that Mr. Amankwaa Blay has allegedly had a sexual affair with the wife of the current NDC constituency chairman Mr Felix of AssinPraso and due to that He The NDC chairman has sent the wife away. Now, if you the constituency executive committee allow Mr Amankwaa Blay contests and he by Mistake wins, it will be a total disaster for us come 2020 elections.

2: We also know for sure that Mr. Amankwaa Blay didn’t pay, hasn’t been paying and doesn’t pay his dues to the party and therefore he is not in good standing to contest.

3: In 2016, our sitting MP, the then-candidate had to pay money to Mr Amankwaa Blay before he could release his Kia for party activities.

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4: We have Mr. Amankwaa Blay on tape that when he wins the primaries, he will sideline all constituency executives and use his own team and has even planned to ensure the DCE is changed.

5: Per our research and checks,Mr Amankwa Blay , who is an in-law to the NDC candidate for Assin in the person of Mr Joe Quayson, is being sponsored by him(Mr Joe Quayson ). The plan is that he’s going to do anything possible to win the primaries and later play the gimmicks to lease the seat out to Joe Quayson easily.

6: To make matters worse, Mr. Amankwa’s pompous behaviour alone ground for disqualification. Why? During the Last year Emancipation celebration at Assin Praso , at a grand durbar, when the MP,DCE, Regional Minister and Omanhene Nana Pra Agyensam had seated, this Mr. Amankwa Blay had to disrupt the entire programme by asking the MC to announce to all the dignitaries that ” In coming MP ” was coming.

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This made everyone at the function very annoyed. Meanwhile, nominations had not even been opened. This act is even in contravention to the party’s Constitution and the general electoral rules in the country.

On 19th January 2019, this same person flouted the party’s constitution and held a meeting of all coordinators that he would be contesting as a parliamentary candidate so they should campaign for him. We believe such a personality should not be entertained to send the hard-fought and won the seat to the NDC.

We are using this petition once again to state emphatically that, if you fail to act accordingly and immediately, We shall demonstrate mammothly against you the constituency officers.

Thank you Sincerely, Signed.…

Convenors Nana Gyekye (President) – 0202154336

Mr. Addo (Secretary) – 0547552016

Mr. Isaac Opoku (Organizer)-0240954140

Edward Atta Poku (Member) – 0241471202

Mr. Stephen Intsiful (Member) -0549580178

Cc Regional Chairman

Regional Secretary

Constituency Chairman

Constituency Secretary

All polling station coordinators The elections vetting committee.

source; Ghanaweb.com

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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