NDC lost 2016 elections because it failed to communicate its achievements – Naana Jane

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prof naana jane

Vice Presidential Candidate for the opposition National Democratic (NDC), Prof Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang has revealed one major reason why their party lost 2016 elections.

She said one thing that NDC didn’t do well leading to their loss is their failure to communicate its achievements to Ghanaians.

So although they’ve done much, their failure to it on to the grassroot is what made people think they didn’t do anything at all. Hence, voting massively for the NPP party.

She made this known in an interview on GH One TV yesterday, Monday.

Citing even the Ridge and University of Ghana hospitals as an example, she noted that most people even in Accra didn’t know that the NDC built the University of Ghana Hospital and also worked on giving a befitting facelift to the Ridge hospital.

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In her words, she said:

“I think I may sum all of that up to say maybe, our inability to express what we were doing in our slogan terms. Our ability to focus on the intangibles because that is what makes the quality of learning and makes the quality of life. Maybe if we had put a billboard everywhere about every Secondary School we built, many people would have seen it. If we didn’t have COVID many people even in Accra would not have known the work we did at Ridge, Bank of Ghana Hospital, the University of Ghana Medical Center. It took a strike or so for the hospital to be opened and drawing attention and many people didn’t know. So they ask really you did this?”

“But it’s important that people live reality and come to the realization of certain things on their own and not because some body is insisting that’s what it is but you feel and you know and that change is more permanent and more real. Nobody is holding a gun to your head, that’s not what democracy is about.”

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