NDC’s game plan in parliament was to destroy Akufo-Addo’s swearing in – Kennedy Agyapong reveal why he was quiet.

Member of parliament for Assin Central, says the reason behind ’s chaotic actions in parliament was to destroy the swearing in ceremony of the president.

In an interview on Oman FM, The controversial MP claim he had a tip off the Camp choose a game plan to deliberately act in such manner in attempt to make the house difficult for the president’s swearing in and that was the reason his party kept their cool during the chaos.

“I didn’t want to destroy Akufo-Addo’s swearing-in that is why I sat down quietly and observed the members.” He told the host.

Knowing very well what he is capable of doing in terms of dramatic moments, Ken everyone puzzled after videos and photos from the disorganized parliament shows he was looking nonchalant.

When about why he was quite even after things got intense in parliament, he answered. “I wasn’t the one to go and destroy Akufo-Addo’s swearing in, NPP could have fought, but it would have dragged and affected the swearing-in of MPs-Elect and eventually the President and his Vice-President’s swearing-in, that is why we from the NPP side decided to be quiet to let the have their way,” he said.

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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