Never allow your extended family to ridicule your spouse – Relationship Coach

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Rev Kwame Kwarteng

Relationship coach, Rev Kwame Kwarteng, has entreated couples not to allow their extended families and friends to ridicule their spouse during gatherings.

He asked married couples to defend their spouses when controversies arise at home.

Rev Kwarteng said spouses would be demoralised and disgraced if they are left at the mercy of the extended family during disagreements.

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The pastor observed that some couples allow their extended families to hurl insults at their spouses without protecting them.

He charged couples to shape each other and not allow third parties to penetrate their marriages with negativity.

Speaking during a thanksgiving dinner ball organised by the Men’s Ministry of ICGC Trinity Temple in collaboration with the Women’s Ministry in Kumasi on New Year’s Day, Rev Kwarteng advised: “Ensure that your spouses are accorded the necessary respect by your respective families; don’t allow your spouses to be ridiculed in the midst of controversies.”

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He also asked couples to pray and fast together as a way of making each other their top priority.


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