New fufu pounding machine built in Ghana

fufu pounding machine

A new fufu pounding has been built in Ghana by the Casa De Ropa Potato processing factory.

According to a video shared by Facebook user, Richard Kwadwo Nyarko, the could be seen doing the job of the pounder whiles a man sat doing the turning of the crushed cassava and plantain to make it smoother and soft.

There has been other inventions of fufu machines which are mostly designed to be grinders. However, a lot of fufu lovers have complained that it doesn’t taste like the ‘ pounded fufu’ for them.

A lot of people complain that this fufu doesn’t give the natural taste of the food

But with this new machine, the pounding still remains just as a human being would do it.

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The has a place that holds the pestle and once it is turned on, it begins to crush the cooked cassava and plantain in a timely manner. Its speed can also be controlled.

Watch the video below:

A lot of social users are impressed with this new invention, but some others are also disappointed.

If you read through comments under the video, you can see a lot of people complaining about the noise that the produces while working.

Suggestions have it that if the noise can be done away with or reduced, it’ll be a great machine.

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See some comments below:

fufu pounding machine fufu pounding machine fufu pounding machine

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