New type of mouse trap; how to make mousetrap using Drink Can


These days, some notorious mice have invaded my room. They eat everything they see in sight.

Fact is, I didn’t want to kill them since I kind of find their movements in my room entertaining. [I know this may sound weird]. I stay alone at my Flats so when I feel their moves especially in the kitchen, it makes me feel as if I have company.

But what pushed me to change this idea of not killing them is how they’ve taken advantage of my tolerance.

I bought 2 tubers of yam and some plantain at the market recently. But before I woke up the following morning. These mice in my room ate half and left half for me.

That’s not all, the pierced a hole into my sac of rice and wasted a lot of it away.

All these provoked me to finally end their reign in my room.

I was searching on Youtube how to get some DIY mouse trap tips and I came across this one.

May be should also try it.

Watch video below:

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