There’s a new way of packaging Waakye and that’s caging it in a jar. The old ways that we’re used to is Wakye being served in green leaves, in ‘take away’ packs, and polythene rubbers.

So this new way of packaging the rice and beans is actually stirring a lot of conversation on social media.

Entirely, a lot of people are not impressed with it. Most comments sighted by Celebrities Buzz points to the fact that the Waakye doesn’t even look ‘sexy’ in the jar to trigger one’s ‘eating libido’.

At the back of this, #WakyeLivesMatter is trending on Twitter where people are expressing their displeasure about the new Waakye in Jar packaging.

waakye in jar

Aside Waakye, we also saw food like yam and stew in a jar.

waakye in jar

We were reliably informed that this new initiative is from Rockz Waakye, the Waakye joint owned by rapper Reggie Rockstone and his wife.

Below are some tweets:

waakye in jar