leaves the US as he heads to his home Accra, according to him.

It’s overwhelming how popular musicians in Africa, to be precised, has developed interest in visiting Ghana every now and then.

Grammy award winner, , also a Nigerian Superstar once said in an interview that he loves being in Ghana most often due to how peaceful the country is.


, who is also an icon in the world of entertainment, spends most of his time hanging around with Ghanaian artists in Ghana.

Popular Nigerian singer Davido, born in Atlanta Georgia USA, has expressed his love for Ghana in a post on twitter.

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In a picture of Davido in his private jet, it is suggested that Obo was leaving the US as he heads towards Accra, Ghana.

His mission of coming to Ghana is not known yet but one will suggest it to be music purpose.

Yall won… it’s bout that time..home bound…Accra wossop.” He captioned.

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