No amount of threats and attacks will stop us from criticizing policies funded with tax payer’s money.. Vim Lady

Afia Pokua aka Vim Lady has expressed her dissatisfaction in attacks by a set of people she refers to as “gangs” of the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) on the media following criticisms by the latter concerning the recently held virtual concert.

The outspoken journalist stated in a short Facebook post that, “No amount of threats and attacks will the media from asking and running commentary over policies funded with TAX MONEY and not your POCKET money just as you did under previous governments.”

She further added that, the job of the media is not to sing the praises of but rather focus on the core issues without biases.

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She also mentioned that, the then opposition NPP was actually on the side of the media when they were holding the erstwhile John Mahama administration responsible for their bad policies and consistent scandals but after getting power, same party is sending people to attack the media.

“When the media questioned and criticized previous governments for their actions in Bus Branding, GITMO detainees, Ford scandal, Woyome scandal (You even composed a song for that matter), You saw it as an opportunity to do your thing.” She added in the post.

She however stated categorically that, the media can never be silenced and will never relent on their work of holding to task and also added that, “You better KILL US to shut us up because our job is to demand accountability on behalf of the people.” Read the original post below.

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  1. Comment:A Plus is generally the most opotunistic and confused person on this planet. what has Nana got to do with an independent body deciding to do itd work the way it thinks fit for the running of its office.
    this man must be under the influence of something. I don’t know why a young man like him should elect to be stupidly controversial. it’s a shame to his University and parents

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