No Mercy In Mexico complete video

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Twitter users have been sharing a video called “No Mercy in Mexico” after it went viral online for depicting the brutal murder of a father and his young kid. Someone who didn’t want to be identified uploaded the movie.

Multiple platforms allow users to upload and share short horror videos, including Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, and Reddit.

Despite being designed to facilitate communication, social media sites now often feature graphic depictions of torture that can cause irreparable distress to their viewers.

No Mercy In Mexico complete video

Both the father and kid are restrained with their wrists cuffed and their lips taped as they are questioned.

Their interrogation takes place while they are seated on the floor.

The father is killed by stabbing after being thrashed brutally with a heavy rod. The child sobs as he sees his father dying in front of his eyes.

People no longer behave in a moral manner regardless of the rules and tenets that society upholds, and this is a sign that the times are really bad.


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