Political activist Kwame Asare Obeng, popular known as A plus stated in a recent Facebook post that, No police officer have the right to stop anyone on the street and go through their laptops and other devices without a court order.

This is obviously linked to the recent abuse of power by some unprofessional police officers who take delight in searching people’s pockets and devices unnecessarily which is a total infringement on human rights.

The political activist equally call out the police for deliberately planting Marijuana on people just to arrest them and extort money.

“Just last year, the IGP cautioned police officers to stop planting weed on civilians. […] This means the IGP himself is aware that police officers plant weed on people and turn around to arrest them. This clearly shows that many innocent people, especially young guys have been jailed in Ghana for crimes they didn’t commit” the musician stated.

He also condemned the inconsistencies in the demand for justice by the government for speaking against police brutalities in the United States but repeating same practice here in Ghana.

“If you are against police brutality and support protesters who are looting and burning down their city, why then did you send police and military to brutalize peaceful protesters who were demanding a foot bridge at Adenta?” A plus questioned.