No situation can ever stop you from pursuing your passion; nothing kills passion

    No situation can ever stop you from pursuing your passion; nothing kills passion

    Passion is a strong love or affection you have for something that when you do makes you feel fulfilling.

    In our every day lives, as we progress steadily, we pick, drop and change our passions. When you were young, your passion was towards toys and miscellaneous materials.

    When you were in your adolescence, your passion was either how to pass your examination or impress your friends. However, at this stage, we develop some of our eternal passions that never change until we attain it.

    As we grow older, situations, circumstances and sometimes ill-luck throws our passion off gear. We either shift from pursuing one passion to the other or we combine several passions together.

    Life has a way of rewarding the steadfast who is determined, committed and persevere to the end. On most occasions, we give up on ourselves but our passions never do…they remain glued to the crown of our hearts.

    You gave up on your passion because you thought it was unattainable and you settle for something less which does did not bring you fulfillment. That is harmful to the total fabric of your being.

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    When you find yourself in Africa or in any underprivileged environment, it is highly probable for poverty to kill your passion than anything else. Poverty has a way of building a barricade around what you yearn to do and makes you give up on yourself.

    Poverty can adversely cast a slur on your self-esteem and make you feel less of a human. You look around and you find your friends doing well with their passions but you have to settle for something mundane that can support your upkeep and at most make you feel a false sense of relevance.

    But we forget one thing, that your passion will never come into fruition if you decide to fold your arms and drift into slumber.

    There is something called Persistence. Persistence is your ability to keep moving in spite of unfavorable conditions; when your minds tell you that it will not work but you hearts give you a conviction of hope.

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    To paraphrase a popular saying: We give up only at the time when we were almost at the realization of our dreams. But how will you know you just gave up close to the doorstep of your dreams?

    That is why no situation: poverty, sickness, infections, naysayers, doubters, etc should stop you from seeing your dream come to pass as you rise with passion and move mountains out of your way.

    A wise man once said: The best time to pursue your dream was five years ago and the next best time is NOW!

    Rise, stand with a straight frame and go out there to see your passion come true. But I need to promise you that it is going to be hard but never forget that the HARDEST WAY IS THE BEST WAY.

    I hope to see you rise from the doldrums of self-doubt and broken-spirit to the echelons of power, fulfillment, wealth and relevance.

    Keep Moving!






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