Abena Manokekame

Ghanaian relationship counsellor, has revealed a shocking secret about women and their attitude to men.

In most relationships, it’s expected of the man to spend on the woman with little or no expectation from the woman to do the same.

Mostly, women are tagged stingy because they’re fond of spending their money on themselves instead of spending on their men.


Well, Abena has come out to say no woman is stingy. According to her, a woman that truly loves a man spends on him.

In her words, she wrote: “No woman is stingy. It’s either she’s broke or she doesn’t love you. Women spend on what they value.”

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A host of her followers agree with her but some also doesn’t.

One wrote: “Your opinion tho, but that’s not always the case. Women from wealthy homes who have had quiet some exposure do not value money soo much and would easily spend on their partners.

But women from broke backgrounds who have hustled their way up value money more than anything and find it very hard buying something for their own selves how much more giving out to another person.

Unless it’s for a benefit.

Check out the comments below:

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