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In one of those numerous messages that relationship counsellors get on a daily basis.

A nurse is in tears after she discovered that the fiancee of her patient at the hospital is his husband with whom she has 3 kids.

Read her full message below:

“keep me Anonymous. So I’m a nurse, I went in to take vitals on this pregnant woman. We started conversing, she seem so happy about starting a family with her fiancé. I was super excited to see how happy she was. She then asked me if I wanted to see her Maternity pictures. With so much excitement I said yes. Her fiancé is my husband y’all. My husband, I mean the man I’m married to with 3 kids. I was speechless. I’ve held this information for about 2 weeks now. What should I do at this point??”, her message reads.

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What will you advise her to do?

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