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Often times, People Who Give Out The Best Of Advice, Are The Ones With The Most Problems


Do you know why most marriage counselors cannot fix their own marriages and divorce in just a few years after marriage?

Can you bring yourself to understand why most motivational speakers die of depression, stress, and failure to fix their lives?

Have you thought for once why a signboard directs you to your location but never goes there with you or on its own?

These are the realities of life. Nobody can run away when reality hits you in the face. Life can serve you a pot of dish that you can never have a taste of.

A story is told of a young man who goes to the football field to watch players play. He barks and shouts angrily at the least mistake a player makes.

After every game, he will run to the coach and pinpoint the loopholes in the team or a selection or substitution that the coach did wrongly.

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So as his criticisms of the team became unbearable, the coach one day invited him to join the team and play since he has all the best advice and insight into how the team could play and win.

He was introduced onto the pitch amidst jubilation and ecstasy, but when reality hit him for 10 minutes of unstopped running, he gave up.

He called the medical team to come to his reacue although he was not able to hit one shot at the keeper not to talk of positioning himself for a pass or dribble.

This story sums up my topic that the people who propound the theories, philosophical ideas, moral thoughts and spiritual upliftments, are not superhumans and in most cases, are facing more troubles you know.

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Offlate, you will find single women or divorced ones sitting on television counselling people on how to make their relationship better.

These people teach all the tricks, methods and suggest all the great ideas but fail miserably at the same task or remain single for life.

This article is not to say advice is never great. No! But remember that the person giving the advice is also failing in other aspects of his or her life that you don’t have any idea about.

Let us keep learning and let us keep improving but let us not forget that the fact that you give or receive an advise does not mean your life is perfect

We are all work in progress. Be watchful of how you talk, advise or criticize others because everybody got a problem.





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