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Once you treat a woman good, she won’t cheat whether you’re rich or poor – Lady says


A Facebook user by name Ama Ohenewa Klammer has given a tip to men on how they can behave in other for their wives/girlfriends not to cheat on them.

Ama’s secret is simple, according to her, once a man treats a woman good, she becomes legally blind to other men.

She went on to add that all the lady sees when this happens is the man that treats her good whether he’s poor or rich.

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woman analogy

Her comments sound sensible but a lot of people are thinking otherwise. Some are of the view that whether you treat a woman good, she’ll cheat on you when she wants to.

Others also asked that does that mean if a man treats a woman good but does not perform well in bed, the woman wouldn’t go after another man who can satisfy her well?

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