Ghanaian actor, director, satirist, talk show host, and author, Kwaku Sintim-Misa aka “KSM” is confused at the level of explanations being given to the world over the pandemic by some Men of God.

In a tweet, Kwaku Sintim-Misa said many Men of God are giving different meanings to the disease.

From him, some believe the is the work of Satan while others hold the view that God brought the disease unto mankind to show his supremacy.


As a mature man, Kwaku Sintim-Misa advised all to learn from the outbreak of the disease than to try finding its source.

“One Bishop says COVID 19 is the work of Satan to destroy God’s creation. Another Bishop says it the work of GOD to show that he is IN CHARGE. I say “Where it’s coming from is not as important as The LESSONS HUMANITY is supposed to LEARN from this CALAMITY,” tweeted.

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Some of his loyal followers shared their views on his tweet as shown beneath:

‘It’s about time we assessed Religion in Africa to see how bad it has hurt us. In my view any God at all should be proved in reality before people can worship but fundamentalists will continue ruling the continent and religion will keep fueling their agenda.’

‘The case study here is, the absence of some forms of religion here in Africa would cost these fundamentalists so much, they won’t be able to recover.’

‘My question is are the two bishops worshipping the same God?’

‘thats the case, and alot of Ghanaians are being ignorant bcos of the perception that its a punishment from God, and 5g bla bla, its a clear stupidity we must address and deal with cos our pastors are now doing us harm more than good. we seem to not bother about it’

‘We are tired of illusions
We are facing realities and we shd learn our lessons well … as for the bishops , it’s pure guesswork Face with tears of joy’

See The Screenshot Below:

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