Reports from multiple sources indicates Ugandan Leader, Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta has secured his sixth term in office to continue as president of the East African country.

was involved in rebellions that toppled Ugandan leaders Idi Amin and Milton Obote before he capturing power himself in 1986.

The 76 years has since been in power for 35 years now and almost everyone in the world believes it’s finally the right time for Uganda to make some change at the presidency with the fierce challenge given to him by hi opponent Bobi Wine.

However, the president has been re-elected into office, making others wonder if there’s anyone in Uganda capable of unseating the long serving president.

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Which to sports presenter Saddick Adams, only there’s no one aside the man himself. “ONLY can beat Museveni in an Election in Uganda” he wrote

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