A jobless Ghanaian man has found favour in the eyes of a white guy who has been sending him $200 every week until he set up his own business in Ghana.

According to John who was facing financial difficulties…the white guy sent him a friend request on Facebook and he accepted and during their first conversation, the white man identified as David offered to help him and have been sending him $200 every week until he set up a business.

He later told David to stop sending him money because his business has improved.

” I met a white man on fb.. the surprising part is that he sent me a friend request and I accepted him. We started talking. During that period I was going through fanancial difficulties. I told him what I was going through and he offered to help me. He sent me $200 every week until God grace found me. My business improved very well and I told him to stop. We are still talking. He is from Australia.”- John from Damango told CelebritiesBuzz.

David also told John from Damango Ghana about his life experiences.

“Brother that is incredible you are a legend 🙏🏼 my life has had a number of hardships and challenges but I face the good with he bad knowing that where ever the universe came from I am fortunate enough to just alive and seeing hearing and feeling the things in the world, even bad things are a gift to just be alive. My friend I’m glad that I discovered you and I am pleased to have offered you a gift that you can grow and turn into a benefit.”

See screenshots from our WhatsApp chat with John below….



Facebook chats



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