is set to release her first ever music on the 10th of this month titled ‘Diva’.

Moesha’s Decision to go into music has generated a lot of negative reactions from Ghanaians already even though she is yet to drop her first song with one Facebook user claiming it will be a massive achievement to listen to her during an already choked pandemic.

“How do we survive Corona, @Emeliabrobbey @ and @Moesha all in the same year. Might be our biggest achievement as a generation” Jhake wrote

Her announcement to go into music comes just months after Top Slayer Hajia 4real drop back to back hits to declare her presence. She sent a strong warning to the public to know she has truly arrived by accompanying her track with some luminous video.

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perhaps might not want to pursue a career in music again if she is not strong emotionally following the backlashes she received from Ghanaians after bombarding us with her first single ‘Fa Me Kor’.

All this topple with the deadly Corona virus is not an easy one to survive according to the Facebook user who name himself Jhake Jayson GH.

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