Controversial Ghanaian lawyer, Maurice Ampaw is making mockery of Rev. Owusu Bempah over his doom prophecy in recent days.

Speaking on Kasapa FM, he said Bempah’s prophecy will make Dr. Bawumia to have no interest in having sex.

I can tell you that Bawumia is not happy, this frightening prophecy will have a negative effect on his s*x life, he’ll develop low libido and will not be able to have sex with Samira. This is because he’ll be gripped with fear.”

When Samira is in bed with Bawumia and looks at his face she’ll begin to cry because she’s been told the Vice President is a ‘living dead’ person as he’ll lose his life in the course of the year. This terrifying prophecy could even give the Vice President erectile dysfunction, because normally if a man will have an erection it will be out of excitement. But with this supposed atmosphere of death around the Vice President, where is he going to get that excitement to get into the sex mood? Bawumia’s right to sexual excitement at least for now has been curtailed with the death prophecy,” he said.

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Bempah made a prophecy on Chief Imam saying the Muslim’s leader will soon lose his life.

This has placed him under severe attacks in recent days.

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