Pamale Odame uses her big melons to end the viral bottle cap challenge

Pamela Odame has just shut down the Internet with her juicy and succulent b00bs.

She released a video of herself using her b00bs to open the cap of a Kpo K3k3 bottle.

It wouldn't have been anything serious if she used her legs or a$$.

The video is however trending because of how her apples were vibrating like DJ playing some heavy kicks through a Yamaha Studio Monitors.

She successfully opened the cap with her front and it's just beautiful.

About the Bottle Cap Challenge

It's a viral trend where people unscrew a bottle cap with a 360-degree kick.

The challenge has become very popular after popular celebrities across the world joined the trend.

According to The New York Times, the media stunt already existed within the martial arts community, but the momentum grew after Kazakh taekwondo fighter Farabi Davletchin posted his take on the trick on June 25. He then nominated people to continue the trend, including Jason Statham and Jackie Chan.

The social media sensation has now become very viral.

Watch Video Below:


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