Pamela Odame finally reacts to boyfriend snatching allegations being leveled against her by Nayas

Pamela Odame has finally thrown more on the the viral video that went wild yesterday showing Nayas and herself fighting over ‘Kortie'.

Nayas who looked like a desperate woman in landing a man who can satisfy her was heard threatening to curse Pamela for snatching her ‘borga' from her.

But speaking on the issue,  Pamela said the relationship between Nayas and the supposed boyfriend lasted for only two months due to her bad character.

“Nayas used to be my friend and I never snatched her boyfriend. The relationship was over before I met Nayas and according to the guy, the relationship lasted for two months because of her bad attitude.

Moreover, the guy has every right to any woman he wants after the relationship ended. I don't care who he dated before meeting me and since that relationship is over I have full right to have an amorous relationship with him.

I am not perturbed about the video circulating because she always wants to be in the news but ended up disgracing herself”, she disclosed.

They insulted each other and was heard threatening to curse themselves in no time.

It could however be a movie they are shooting…

Watch Video below:


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