Self-styled Counsellor, Lady Rev Dr. Charlotte Oduro has said in an interview on Kofi TV that there’s no way she’ll leave her husband when he cheats and that other ladies must do this as well.

In his submission, he noted that there could be a reason for the man to cheat so instead of leaving, she’ll rather stay, pamper and pray for the man if need be so that he can be comfortable.

“…I am saying and I will say it again if my husband cheats, I’m not leaving him. I am dying with him. If you wanna be the side-chick, it’s your business ooo. May be it’s my fault that my husband is cheating on me…may be something a woman needs to do at home, I am not doing it for him so if my husband cheats, I need to know the reason why he’s doing it”, she said as a matter-of-factly.

She continued:

“If it’s prayer I need to pray, I’ll pray for him. If it’s pampering, I need to pamper him. If it’s something I need to do to make that man comfortable, I will do it because it’s for better and for worst”.

Watch the video below:

Our dear feminists would not be happy with her at all.