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Panties and bra captured dried on a moving bus


A commercial bus has been converted into a drying line. In a viral post on Facebook, the female undergarments were seen hanging on one part of the bus.

Social media users are finding the whole thing very hilarious.

Watch video below:


Baffled drivers captured the bizarre moment a woman’s knickers and bra were seen hanging out to dry on the back of moving coach.

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Kaitom Aromdee, 32, and his wife Jib, 30, were driving in Rayong, Thailand, on August 25 when they noticed the odd sight.

There were two pairs of black knickers and pink bra hung on coat hangers which were fastened in the opening to the coach’s engine,Kaitom filmed the unusual scene before the bus which was carrying tourists to nearby Chanthaburi province before it turned away down another road.

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